Ways of following the path of Allah

Everyone is in the world to seek right guidance and forgiveness. Be a true servant of Allah and get closer to him so you will be granted with every ease of life and after life.
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Following are some simple and easy ways to be on the path of righteous:
1.     Be Sincere
Your sincerity towards your obligations and all other responsibilities are quite necessary. Make sure that you indentations are pure and you are aware about your obliged actions.
2.     Keep your intentions pure for Allah
Your life is a reward from Allah, you wake up daily it’s a blessing avail the chance you get every day and keep all your intentions purely and only for the sake of Allah and remember he knows better.
3.     Follow the guidance of Islam
Islam has provided you a complete code of life just follow the guidance you are provided. You have Quran and hadith to learn the complete lessons of life.
4.     Take inspiration from the life of Prophet (PBUH)
Your only inspiration should be Prophet (PBUH), take his character as an example to follow.
5.     Keep your spirits high
Chase your ambitions and stay form with what you have and what you want.
6.     Be the helper of your fellows
Server the humanity according to your abilities.
7.     Fear from Allah and hope for the best
never bow down in front of anyone other than Allah, he is your creator and will provide you the best if you will keep patience and trust.
8.     Be your own judge
Monitor your own action so you would know your worth better than anything.

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