Justice and false prestige

"O You who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it is (against) rich or poor; for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your heart), lest you swerve, and if you distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do" (Quran 4:135).

Above mentioned verse shows the commitment of any Muslim towards Allah. When you are a believer, you own some responsibilities, as a part of a family, nation or human beings; you should be inclined towards your obligations. Today the world is not suffering because of those who spread hatred and violence, it is because you are silently looking at the situation and moving on with your own life. But you should know that there is one court, where you will be answerable for doing nothing for ceasing fire. People were getting killed but you were busy satisfying your own needs.
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If you have an authority or not you are still able to take stand for something right. You can choose either you have to support the truth or hide the truth. Everyone is aware of their responsibilities but they don’t speak because they lack faith in Allah. In the verse it is clearly said that when you stand with the truth, Allah guards you. As a Muslims our believe is that we have to die but then again we isolate ourselves instead of standing for it at the right time. Your daughters are not safe in the world, but all you care about is your own prestige. Remember that this prestige is with you because Allah has granted you this but once it’s gone you have no real identity of your own. This is all because you have power but Allah is powerful from all.

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Ramadan and its Spirituality

Spirituality is not something that can be bought or donated. It is a sense of humanity one have, a little act of affection you do for someone else. And the holy month of Ramadan is all about curing someone’s pain. While you become the source of someone’s happiness, you earn blessings of Allah. This year let us be the source of your happiness by providing Umrah Packages 2017 in very reasonable and affordable prices. 

One who is looking for the meaning and purpose of life will find the solace in spirituality because it is the only thing which gives satisfaction to the heart. A heart which is lost, fighting his own battles and waiting for the defeat of demons that live within him can only find peace in spirituality. Ramadan is also a month of spirituality but unfortunately we have also ruined its spirit because of our personal greediness. No doubt that people donate much more in this month but we still lack that spirit in our attitude. Donations are useful but making it foe our own selfish reason is not. There are few humans around who don’t need your donations but attention. And there is no better donation than giving your time to them. Your parents, your family and many other just need you to stand beside them. 

This spirit of this month is shown when people gather at Sahour and Aftar with their family friends and others. Just be sure that you are being nice with them, remember that life is not too long to leave scars of your words behind. Be polite and humble, this is the month of earning more and more blessings of Allah so don’t lose the chance if you are the lucky one to get an opportunity. Live these moments o you won’t regret later.

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A person who feels darkness within his heart after sin, it means that there is also a light otherwise he wouldn’t have felt darkness. This light can be the source of repentance. Learn the art of turning your tears into the light, they are merely water but when one weeps his heart out in front a creator, they do some remarkable job. It always lightens your burden of sins and helps you trust Allah to forgive you. While you are planning your trip to Makkah make your reservations with Haramayn hotels, as they are providing most feasible way for Hotels Booking in Makkah. 

Turn off the darkness which has occupied most space of your heart by turning o the bulb of repentance. Feel the light within you and believe on Allah’s wisdom. This is the light that keeps one away from the valley of sin. One is forgiven when they repent sincerely. Human beings are bound to make a mistake and that is how they learn. Doing mistakes is not a sin but doing them intentionally and not repenting on them is definitely a sin.  Basically tears are those prayers which cannot be asked in words but Allah knows your heart better than you. So, seek forgiveness, forget the past and move on. Life is all about moving on and learning lessons from what has passed. 

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Religious Diversity and Tolerance Towards It

World is full of different people with completely different opinions and so on. But most of the people have less or no tolerance towards others opinion. Looking back in the era of Prophet (PBUH) when he had established a whole new Islamic state, he could have made all non Muslims out of the city but he respected them and their belief. He never forced them not to practice their belief. World is growing in technology and knowledge so as moving backward to the days of ignorance. Back then people were having superiority complex and same is happening now.  You can choose any of the Umrah Deals offered by Al Hijaz Tours.

We are divided in white-black, Hindu-Jew-Muslim etc. Point is that why can’t we respect each other for their belief, what they want to practice why can’t we just let them. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) did the same, he never asked anyone deliberately to leave his believe, instead of forcing them he inspired them. Every person who converted to Islam at that time was inspired by the kind personality of Prophet (PBUH) not because they had to survive in the society. 

Anotherexample of intolerance is ban of Burqa in France. I wonder why that hatred towards burqa clan women is. Are they damaging your faith or what? For example you live in a society where everyone is dressed up like that but you move in the society with the different culture so should they throw you out or put ban on you? Not only this we see examples of racism among white and black people. They hate just because they have different skin tones. 

Stop hating and judging each other on the basis of religion, cast, color and respect the belief of your fellow. Respect them not because you believe them but you belong to the nation of Prophet (PBUH) who has taught you tolerance towards everything and everyone. 

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