the independence day speech

Year for India, which indicated as an celebration of victory. A day when India got its own government to rule the country and British withdrew that power of 200 years rule. A day to each Indian who has fought to get freezes from colonial rule of British. The independence day speech is an day when countless solider's sacrifice got a pure output. Indians began to protest the principle of British and wanted to spare India, as it had been runing Indian resources. Most of valuable resources was dropped and they were Taken to Britain.

On 15th August 1947 Mt. Batmen afterward General Governor of East India Company has declared India as free state. It was the first time when Indian flag has been hosted on all heights. Also it's now regular program to sponsor Indian Flag on Red fort on eve of Independence Day. So preset Prime Minister Narinder Modi will be hosting the Flag and will adhere to a language about nation. He'll address millions of audience Live and billion's watching him on tv. His address will be towards the creation of Nation.

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