How to inspect a Corvette C8 for Rust before you Buy It

 This article is not going to drag on for hours. I will only cover the areas where you should look for rust in 1963-82 Corvettes. This article will help you save money when buying your corvette. Carbon Fiber Parts for Porsche can seem very mysterious. You might think it is made of rust. But, this article will not be about the body. We'll be discussing the frame and other aspects of America's sports car. Corvettes are special car that is loved by many. They are also America's only sports car. However, knowing too much can cause problems.

The entire car is not made of fiberglass. It sits on a steel frame. This can't be changed but can be fixed. Let's begin with the windshield. It is made of fiberglass wrapped around steel. If it has rusted badly, it could show up as fiberglass separating. It doesn't necessarily mean you don't have rust. You may have to look around the windshield after you have purchased the car. If these areas are rusted, you will need to rebuild them.

Corvettes have reinforced doors made of heavy steel. If you look closely at your corvette's doors you will not see any steel. The doors are wrapped around a steel frame which means you must inspect the edges. Look out for bubbles or raised areas in the fiberglass. Also, look out for cracks in fiberglass where rust is growing through. Fiberglass has the inherent problem that stress cracking under pressure can cause cracks in the glass. This means that water could seep through the cracks.

The door latch is a telltale sign of a corvette. They are not hidden. All you need to do is open the door, look at it, and also the hinge mounts. Corvettes can sometimes hide rust, so take your time inspecting it. Ask the owner if they will allow you to take it to a mechanic to have it checked out. We'll now look at the frame. A floor hoist is a good choice here. If you have to rent one, this will allow you to inspect the car thoroughly. The most commonplace for rust in a corvette's frame to be found is right in front of each rear wheel.

You need to pay attention and make notes. Usually, you will find rust on the outside of the frame right in front of your rear wheels. In worse cases, it can creep down to the bottom.

Corvettes will rust in their radiator support areas, as with most cars. You should pay attention to this area and inspect it carefully. Rust can hide in this area for many years and is not something you want in your corvette. You should look for flaking or puffy steel in your corvette's rear suspension trailing arms. This is an area where rust can hide and you don’t want it to fail.

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