How to Choose the Perfect Wetsuit For Your Child

 Before you allow your child to enter the water, however, you might want to think about outfitting him or her using a wetsuit to safeguard your child from the elements. In this article, you will learn about the main things you will need to consider when deciding on a wetsuits for children your little one.

1. Wetsuit Function

What will your child be using their wetsuit for? Wetsuits for swimming courses should allow for lots of freedom for a free arm and shoulder motion.

2. Wetsuit Thickness

The thickness needed to your child's wetsuit will depend mostly on the temperature of the water in addition to the outside temperature. For pools and lakes which aren't too cold, a shorty wetsuit with a depth of approximately 1.5 mm or 2 mm must provide all of the warmth your child will need for many hours of pleasure in the water without getting cold. For sea surfing or water sports in colder waters or off-season once the air temperatures are more relaxed, you need to think about dressing your kid in a complete suit with a thickness of 3/2 (2-millimetre thickness at the limbs; 3-millimetre depth in the body) for additional warmth and insulation.

3. Wetsuit Fit

It can be a real challenge to discover a fitting wetsuit for your kid, and this challenge is compounded by the fact that young children can also be fast-growing kids! But even if you find your child a suit that fits perfectly at the start of the season, your fast-growing kid may develop out of this suit soon after. Therefore, it's often a great idea to buy your kid a suit that's slightly too big and allow them to grow into it over the course of the year. A rash guard underneath the lawsuit will offer an additional layer of heat and water security until your child develops appropriately into the trial.

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