Sew and Crochet - A Perfect Match

Sewing and crocheting are relaxing actions which will be quite rewarding, and both tasks can indeed complement each other. Sewing projects can be significantly enhanced with the addition of crochet, as will be discussed in this report. If you like to sew and Blusa Brilhosa em CrochĂȘ Passo a Passo, this report will provide you with some ideas on the best way best to combine the two.

A simple way to begin is to discover a piece of clothes in your closet that you want to bring some life to. A good start is a plain blouse. If the shirt is white, a black flower will look great, and it would make it possible for you to match it with more clothing in your wardrobe. Another enhancement could be accomplished by adding a bow made out of silk ribbon to the base of the flower or any crocheted leaves. If you don't want the flower to be attached permanently to the blouse, then add a safety pin, and you'll have the ability to use the blossom with different parts of clothing like coats or dresses. Free crochet flower patterns are available on several internet sites, use your favourite search engine to see them.

Another quick addition you can make to garments you have is by embellishing a t-shirt with a crocheted trim sewn around the edge of the neck and sleeves. You can use the same idea to include crocheted trim to the cuffs of jeans.

If you prefer to sew, you can make unique items with the addition of crocheted pieces to the clothes you already make. A suggestion for a job is an empire waist top with the lower portion of the shirt and the sleeves made from crocheted pieces. This could be an original and unique appearance. Or you might have the upper part of the best crocheted in an open lacy stitch and add a sleeveless top that's worn underneath. Both these suggestions would also work for an empire style dress also.

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