What Are The Common Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycles are a different thing to cars. But this is because bikes are on two wheels, offer less security, and can accelerate at speed much faster than many 4-wheel vehicles. Additionally, the security gear for motorcycle accidents can leave a lot to be desired for real safety. Consequently, if you're a motorcyclist or possibly a motorist of different vehicles, it's quite essential to understand the causes of Tacoma motorcycle accident lawyer, so you're less likely to participate in one.

By NOLO, an online database of legal information, there are various classes of motorcycle accidents. It's important to understand these to comprehend the causes.

Categories of Motorcycle Accidents:

1. Motorcycles in Head-On Collisions
2. Cars Making Left-Hand Turns
3. Motorcycle Lane Splitting
4. Motorcyclist Speeding & Alcohol Use
5. Collisions Between Motorcycles and Fixed Objects
6. Road Hazards Facing Motorcyclists
7. High-Performance Motorcycles

As you can see from the listing, the categories begin to shed light on the causes of motorcycle accidents. It's not hard to understand that accidents aren't always the fault of the motorcyclist nonetheless, in several cases, motorcyclists can do things to reduce their odds of mishaps, which is discussed a bit later. For now, let us understand the causes depending on the categories.

In head-on collisions the numbers are shocking. According to NOLO, "Crashes involving bicycles and other vehicles accounts for 56 percent of motorcycle crash deaths. In the huge majority of these accidents, the car strikes the bike in the front - 78 percent of the time. (The car strikes the bike in the rear only 5 percent of the time.)" Not only are two-thirds of those collisions head, but 60 percent of them are fatal. This is probably because of vehicles crossing mediums or maybe making sharp turns where a car is coming directly at them with no possibility of avoidance.

Cars making left-hand turns account for 42 percent of all motorcycle accidents. This is probably because when a vehicle is making a left-hand corner, the driver might not find a fast-moving motorcycle coming, might be attempting to cross several lanes, or may create an error in judgment making them brief the turn and cause a collision. Additionally, the motorcyclist may get caught attempting to pass another vehicle, not find the left-turning vehicle or try to overtake the car. The results of the accidents can vary depending on the rates of the vehicles.

The remaining categories are somewhat self-explanatory. To summarize them when motorcyclists attempt to drive between lanes, speed while high hit fixed objects like lane barriers, hit road hazards such as potholes or bumps, or are high-performance fast vehicles, accidents are more likely to happen. Generally in such cases, lack of space and rate that reduces reaction time cause these injuries.

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