How to Find Free Ebooks for the Kindle

There are a lot of gratis ebooks download websites out there, but a lot only offer epub formatted texts (compatible with the iPad, nook, Sony, and other subscribers but not using the Kindle), or they force you to read the stories online (bleh!). Luckily, there are methods for Kindle owners to find freebies too. Do not forget that you will need to search for free files unless you are likely to use a conversion application.

Browse the Amazon Store 

Okay, this first one's a bit obvious, but a lot of free titles are offered for the Kindle directly in the Amazon store. The bestseller list on the front page lets you look at the "Top 100 Free" and the paid hits. From the menu on the left, you can drill down to the sub-menus (for example, science fiction, fantasy, and love) and find additional $0.00 offerings by choosing to form by "Price: Low to High" from the drop-down box on top. Go deeper by clicking on a sub-genre or launch date and selecting a low-to-high sorting approach.

You'll find that there are far more free offerings at Amazon than you may have realized! Additionally, there are lots of very cheap books, primarily by Cartoon writers, if you do not mind shelling out a few dollars.

Smashwords is a sizeable eBook marketplace that specializes in publishing Cartoon writers, many of whom offer very affordable rates for their work. Unlike some different markets, they supply all of the eBook formats, and I do mean all!

It's not unusual for someone with a series to allow folks download the first novel without paying a cent. After ebooks may cost money, but you get a fantastic opportunity to determine if you're interested in the show and the writer before dropping any money. Also, some authors only need to get their workout, and they have a massive collection of free stories recorded.

With Smashwords, it's also easy to sort to discover the $0.99 offerings. Pick the free filter on the front page or some of the genre pages. You may also navigate through new releases, bestsellers, etc..

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